Nuhertz Filter Solutions 2019 Version 16.2.0


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Nuhertz Filter Solutions 2019 Version 16.2.0

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Nuhertz Technologies has launched Filter Solutions 2019 version 16.2.0 is a comprehensive filter synthesis and analysis software package with the provides passive (lumped and distributed), active, and switched capacitor circuit synthesis and modification analysis with parasitic effects, and digital filter IIR and FIR design with C code generation, and finite precision analysis

FilterSolutions, the filter design software, its capable of designing filter circuits with severe board space constrictions, minimizing the number of components needed to achieve several contradictory objectives. This effort demands that the design program incorporates advanced design techniques targeted to minimize physical size without incurring other additional design costs. By establishing attenuation requirements for a constricted range of frequencies in the passband and stopbands, as opposed to the entire pass and stopbands, the design requirements can be somewhat relaxed. The result, using the program is a design requiring fewer parts to achieve the important response goals while reducing the number of parts and the physical size of the manufactured filter.

Designing for tight attenuation requirements within the constricted design range has typically been performed by manually positioning transmission and reflection Zeros, to shape the passband and stopband until the requirements are met. While the technique of manually manipulating poles is well known, it is unnecessarily time consuming and can be frustrating. However, using FilterSolutions, the design engineer need only enter the percentage of the passband and/or stopband to which the equi-ripple requirement should be applied. FilterSolutions will automatically synthesize passband and/or stopband attenuation requirements to the selected constricted percentage.

Filter performance outside the constricted range may be evaluated for a range of percentages of constricted ripple by slewing the constricted ripple percentage with the program's "Real Time Updates" (RTU), feature. When RTU is selected, one easily observes the filter performance outside the constricted passband and stopband as the percentage of constriction is varied.

This video demonstrates a rapid and accurate flow for designing microstrip cross-coupled filters using Nuhertz filter solutions and NI AWR Design Environment platform, specifically Microwave Office circuit design software and AXIEM planar EM simulator.

Nuhertz Technologies has rapidly established itself as a worldwide leader in low and high frequency filter synthesis and analysis. The company has developed numerous revolutionary synthesis algorithms unparalleled in either industry or academia. The programs developed by Nuhertz deliver a new level of design automation and productivity improvement, unequaled by any other design synthesis program on the market.

Product: Nuhertz Filter Solutions
Version: 2019 version 16.2.0
Supported Architectures: 32Bit / 64Bit
Language: English
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 226 MiB

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