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Siemens Simcenter FloEFD 2019.3.0 v4745 for PTC CREO (x64) Multilanguage



x64 | Languages:Multilanguage | File Size: 707 MB
FloEFD for CREO applications for modeling the flow and heat transfer in liquids and gases in a CREO environment.FloEFD is fully integrated into the DS CREO environment and uses solvers based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology.
Main advantages. Working directly with the model in the CREO environment. There is no need to convert the geometry to another format, often leading to loss of quality. The task of calculating hydrodynamics and heat transfer at any time time is fully synchronized with the model minimization efforts, and as a consequence, the error in the process of synchronization tasks and set hydro-model Automatic dete tirovanie changes in the model.There is no need for "manual" construction of the geometry describing the area occupied by the liquid / gas.

Automatic determination of the area occupied by the liquid / gas. The same graphic controls are used as in other CREO modules. Very easy to learn. Easy to use. Uses the CREO model tree. Intuitive and fully interactive Use when creating a project / processing the results of model elements selected in the graphics window / model tree Visualization of calculation results in the form of static and animated images directly in the graphics window Support for exporting results to MS Excel, Word. Ability to play and record animations
Support for multi-configuration of the model For effective multi-parameter research implemented - the ability to clone projects, automatically start a series of calculations. It is automated to reduce the number of cases when it is necessary to involve specialists in the field of gas-gas dynamics and heat transfer to analyze the formulation and calculation results Reliable and fully automatic computational grid generator A unique model of turbulence and boundary layer is used Automatic control of solution convergence. Reliable and accurate numerical methods and physical models A wide range of physical models Exact solution The ability to calculate very complex structures and physical phenomena.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) also allows you to analyze a wide range of complex problems, including:
-Analysis of hydro-aerodynamics and heat transfer of two- and three-dimensional models
-Analysis of external and internal flow patterns
-Analysis of steady and unsteady flow
-Flow of incompressible fluid and compressible gas including including combustible mixture at subsonic,
transonic, supersonic and hypersonic modes itecheniya
-Condensation of steam
-calculation of the relative humidity in the gas streams
-Non-Newtonian flow and Fluid (only laminar flow regime)
-The flow in the compressible fluid (the fluid density is dependent on the pressure)
-Currents in real gases
-Analysis of Laminar, turbulent and unsteady flows
-Analysis of vortex flows and fans
-Analysis of flows with solid inclusions
-Analysis of heat transfer inside and between liquids and solids
-Analysis of heat transfer inside solids in the absence of washer flow
-Calculation of thermal contact resistance
-Calculation of electrical contact resistance
-Thermoelectric coolers
-Radiant heat transfer
-Joule heating
-Streams with gravitational effects (also known as buoyancy effect i)
-Porous media
-Heat pipes
-Heat transfer in printed circuit boards
-Heat transfer in perforated plates
-Flow of aerosol flows
-Accounting for body roughness during flow
-Accounting for tangential wall motion (mixing and rotation)
-Flow in rotating devices
-Cavitation in fluid flows
-Combustion in gas mixtures
Siemens Simcenter FloEFD 2019.3.0 v4745 for PTC CREO Win64
Release Year / Date:2019
Version:2019.3.0 v4745
Developer:Siemens PLM / Mentor Graphics
Interface language:English,German,French,Chinese,japanese,Russian
Tabletka:present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)
System Requirements:
-OS:Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise 64-bit edition, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise 64-bit (tested with v1809) For solver: Microsoft Windows 2012 Server x64, Windows 2012 Server R2 x64,Windows Server 2016 with HPC Pack 2016
-Memory:4 GB RAM minimum, more recommended
-Space:1 GB of free hard disk space, more required for simulation models Description :
-Microsoft Windows Media Player 7.0 or higher
-Microsoft Office 2013; Microsoft Office 2010 Microsoft Office 2007
-CREO Paramenric v2 (recommended datacode M250)
-CREO Paramenric v3 (recommended datacode M160)
-CREO Paramenric v4 (recommended datacode M070)
-CREO Paramenric v5 (recommended datacode v5.0.2.0) v5.0.3.0 supported too
-CREO Paramenric v6 ( recommended datacode v6.0.0.0 or v6.0.1.0) v6.0.2.0 / v6.0.3.0 supported tooWhats New:

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