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PerkinElmer ChemOffice Suite 2019 v19.1.1.21



PerkinElmer ChemOffice Suite 2019 v19.1.1.21 | Languages: English | File Size: 547.02 MB

The latest release of PerkinElmers scientific productivity suite serves researchers, students and faculty better than ever before! ChemDraw and ChemOffice 18 deliver all the functionality of version 17, plus new feature additions to accelerate research even faster and enable new and growing areas of scientific research. Plus, we are adding to our bundle options to give you the broader set of scientific tools you need to do your research, from 3D modelling to spectroscopic analysis, to access to a brand new, web based Electronic Lab Notebook and scientific documentation and collaboration platform.

ChemOffice Professional is the most robust, scientifically-intelligent research productivity suite in the world. It builds on the foundations of ChemDraw Professional, and adds access to a broad set of powerful scientific tools* to enable scientific research. Document, search and share your research using Signals Notebook Individual Edition, a modern, web-based scientific collaboration platform. Load and process 1D NMR and LC/GC/MS data directly on your desktop with MNova ChemDraw Edition. Get access to, and edit, your ChemDraw files from any device with ChemDraw Cloud. Enhanced structural prediction with your favorite third party applications and Chem3D Ultra. Enhanced chemical database management with ChemFinder Ultra. A full suite of scientific productivity tool helping chemists and biologists alike efficiently keep track of their work, visualize and gain a deeper understanding of their results.

ChemDraw/Reaxys Integration:
PerkinElmer and Elsevier have established a partnership to provide you with new and unique ways to improve your Research productivity. It is now possible to draw a molecule or a reaction in ChemDraw,and initiate a structure search into Reaxys. You can also choose to use ChemDraw JS as a drawing editor when you use the online Reaxys website.

ChemACX Explorer:
Thanks to the new add-in architecture in ChemDraw, you can now explore chemical properties or supplier information for a given molecule by looking up and retrieving information directly from ChemACX.com, PerkinElmers database of over 10M commercially available compounds, and quickly paste structures back into the canvas. This feature is also available through Signals Notebook Individual Edition.

Enhanced Hotkeys:
Building off of the powerful hotkeys already enabled within the application, we have enhanced this capability so now you can truly create molecules and reactions as fast as you can type.

Facilitated chemical structure pasting:
ChemDraw now supports a simplifed, more direct pasting of CDXML and other text formats like SMILES, Mol, InChi, and HELM as a structure using the Edit>Paste (Ctrl+V) menu option, with plain text in the clipboard. You can also copy/paste to and from ChemDraw JS, ChemDraw and MS Office embedded ChemDraw documents without loss of chemical information (requires browser-specific clipboard extension, Windows only).

HELM Editor:
Following the HELM standard, developed by the Pistoia Alliance for the rapid transfer of biomolecules, we have added a custom editor for creating, editing and sharing complex biomolecules. Importing biomolecules using the HELM notation format, editing the biomolecules, creating and using your own custom monomers and exporting out via the HELM format is now easy. The HELM editor is available in ChemOffice Professional and ChemDraw Professional only.

ChemACX Structure from CAS Registry Number:A new function has been added to look up a CAS RN through ChemACX.com, PerkinElmers database of commercially available compounds and return the corresponding chemical structure.

Structure-to-Name and Name-to-Structure improvements:
ChemDraw now supports a new atom numbering scheme, where the numbers are derived from their explicit or implicit values in the IUPAC name, as well as the naming of Enhanced Stereochemistry centers. Names including AND and OR enhanced stereo centers and absolute stereo centers (in any combination) are now supported.

Release Notes
This 19.1.1 fix addresses a Windows-specific bug whereby an Undo action goes back more than one step. In addition, another bug related to the Autosave feature has been fixed. The document appeared to have been autosaved while it had not.
As a reminder, recent additions to the v19.1 release include:
- New hotkeys and shortcuts: Two new atom hotkeys are now available for cyclopropyl groups (v) and cyc-lobutyl groups (u). Recently introduced hotkeys include Fmoc, Boc, Cbz, MgBr, N3 or COOH and NO2.
- Rotation Shortcut: select a molecule or part of a molecule and press the Alt key plus down, up, right, left keyboard arrows to rotate by 15 cw, 15 ccw, 1 cw and 1 ccw, respectively.
- Generic Structure Enumeration improvements: It is now possible to generate fully blown polymers by entering a number or range of numbers as repeating units in the recently added Parameterizable bracket and expanding the generic structure.
- Improvements brought in version 19.1 include better support of ChemDraw on 4K Displays, fixing Unicode-related bugs and overall performance enhancements on large drawing.

Product Compatibility:
ChemDraw / ChemOffice 19.1 is qualified against the following:

- Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate (32-bit and 64-bit)
- Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
- Windows 10 (64-bit)
- Microsoft Office 2016
- Microsoft Office 2019
- Microsoft Office 365
- Adobe Acrobat 11


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