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SysTools CorelDraw GMS Password Remover 4.0


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SysTools CorelDraw GMS Password Remover 4.0

File size: 2.7 MB

SysTools CorelDraw GMS Password Remover helps to Remove passwords from Corel GMS VBA Macro and Reset forgotten Corel VBA Passwords for any length
Software remove all password from Corel GMS VBA Macro.
Eliminate new as well as older password from Corel GMS VBA MacroProvide multiple options for maintaining the folder hierarchy while saving.
Software is too easy to use that doesnot need any tehcnical knowledge to run the software.
Supports all CorelDraw X4/X5/X6/X7 Macro versions.

Key Features of CorelDraw GMS Password Remover

Removes & Reset Lost Password
Using the CorelDraw GMS password remover, user can easily reset the forgotten Corel GMS project password. Processing the file with the software makes a password protected Corel Macro GMS file become accessible.

Auto Generate New Password
After the resetting of old password of the GMS file, the software automatically generates a new password. Thus, the new software-generated replaces the old password to access VBA Macro for CorelDraw GMS.

Reset Any Length Password
When performing the Corel GMS password resetting, no limitations are imposed on the character length of the password. The software is open to recovering GMS password of any length, whatsoever.

Supports All CorelDraw GMS Files
GMS password remover tool successfully supports all CorelDraw Graphics Suite versions. You can reset the Macro password from a GMS file of CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7, X5, X6, and all below versions.

Reset Multilingual GMS Passwords
Multilingual gms (global macro storage) password resetting is fully supported by the tool. Thus, allowing you to reset passwords composed with symbols, digits, alphabets or even a combination of all three character types.

Complete Reset Details Displayed
Complete details of the password reset process, is provided by the software at the end. The gms password resetting details displayed include: initial processing details, locating and removal of gms password, new gms vba project password, and the final status.


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