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JixiPix PuzziPix Pro 1.0.13 | 120.2 Mb
PuzziPix Pro combines photos with perfectly fitting puzzle components for great composition and storytelling. In Advertising, contexts and connotations can be in high demand for designers, so having puzzles, as a visual technique can be invaluable. PuzziPix Pro turns any photograph into an eye-catching jigsaw puzzle with creative control over the final outcome.

Getting Started
Every photo placed in the app is automatically turned into a puzzle. Use Auto Generate to change puzzle styles, and the built-in Tools to Move, Size, Rotate and send pieces Front or Back.

Cutout Shapes
Use Auto Generate to get to the Library of included shapes or import your own using the custom button. Move and Resize Shapes then Apply to cut shapes out of the puzzle. Use the import Photo tool to change the photo on one puzzle piece or groups of them. This technique works great with Text and Logos.

Logo Cutouts and Custom Shapes
Use logos and custom shapes to create eye catching visual designs with puzzles. This video shows you how to Import Custom Artwork, Duplicate Layers and how to use Conform and Cutout to create a tree design with a logo cutout.

Film Grain and Texture
Tools to send Pieces Front or Back
Tools to Move, Rotate and Resize one Piece or Groups of them
Shape Library to add Shapes to the Puzzle Composition
Button to Auto Snap puzzle pieces back together-or groups of them
Option to Import Custom Shapes and transform them into Puzzle Pieces
Option to Import a Photo into Individual Pieces
Ability to Conform Pieces to a Shape
Ability to Add a Background and Foreground Image
Settings to change the background to Transparent, Textured or Solid Color
3D Edges
3D Lighting

Plugin host requirerements:
Adobe Photoshop CS3+, All Photoshop CC, Photoshop Elements 10+ or Lightroom 4+, Corel PaintShop Pro X7+ (Win), Serif Affinity Photo on Windows

System Requirements:
Windows Vista or later 32/64-Bit

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